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New Facility: Building upon a solid foundation

Originally published in the August 2014 issue of the TCEC LiveWire newsletter.

New facility construction site on July 9, 2014

New facility construction site on July 9, 2014

In July, work on the foundation of the cooperative’s new headquarters and warehouse started. Thankfully, progress was slowed due to much needed rain. Members will start to see visible progress as the shape of the building will become apparent in the coming months.

The summer storm highlights a significant weakness with TCEC’s current buildings. We did not have a single location large enough to accommodate a meeting with the eight additional crews who came to assist with recovery. Communication during a disaster is pivotal to ensuring smooth operations and speedier recovery.

The new facility will be large enough for all employees and any additional crews to meet during disaster recovery efforts. When the power goes out, our number one goal is to smoothly coordinate the recovery of power for members. Our new facility will enhance our ability to respond and meet the needs of our members when a storm rolls in.

Visit for more new facility details and to see live photos of the action at the construction site. Email any questions to

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