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TCEC chooses power supply contract with Golden Spread Electric Cooperative

Members will benefit from continued reliable power as the local Tri-County Electric Cooperative (TCEC) Board of Trustees has chosen Golden Spread Electric Cooperative, Inc. (GSEC) as its long-term power supplier.

TCEC issued a request for proposal for power supply and received 44 responses.  Among those was GSEC, which currently supplies power for part of TCEC’s needs. The request for proposal was issued because TCEC’s current contract with Southwestern Public Service (SPS) for approximately 70 megawatts of power expires in July 2021.

Under the new agreement, GSEC will manage the SPS contract until it expires after which time GSEC will supply 100 percent of TCEC’s power needs with some allowances made for local renewable energy.

“The GSEC and TCEC relationship is mutually beneficial, including the potential for TCEC to obtain solar energy and wind energy,” said TCEC CEO Zac Perkins. “We currently have a relationship with GSEC as a partial supplier of our energy needs. We look forward to strengthening that relationship as GSEC meets 100 percent of our power supply requirements.”

Visit or call 580.652.2418 for more information.

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