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Rates Explanation

For the cooperative's detailed rate information, see the Rules and Regulations of Service.

The price of electricity is determined by several factors, including power generation, the necessary upkeep of our system and regulatory actions by the state and federal governments.

The electricity distributed by TCEC is generated and supplied by two wholesale power suppliers: Golden Spread Electric Cooperative and Xcel Energy.

Golden Spread Electric is itself a cooperative. But rather than having individual people as memberowners, it is collectively owned by 16 electric cooperatives, including TCEC. Golden Spread owns all or part of five power plants across the region.

Xcel Energy is an investor-owned utility based in Minnesota that provided service to many of our current members until 2006 when TCEC purchased Xcel Energy’s service area in Kansas, Oklahoma, and small portion of Texas. Xcel Energy still maintains significant operations throughout the Texas Panhandle, including Amarillo and Lubbock.

Costs associated with generating and transmitting energy

Fuel: Our electricity is generated using a combination of natural gas combustion and advanced clean coal technology. The cost of these fuels comprises a significant part of your bill. Generation and transmission infrastructure: Proper maintenance of the electricity generation facilities, wires and poles is of paramount importance for safety and environmental responsibility. It is another cost that is added to the cost of power, but because Golden Spread is a cooperative, these costs are shared across 16 systems. Demand: Very high levels of demand during peak times - such as the hottest days of summer -- can lead to an increase in the cost of power. Using reasonable amounts of electricity during these times can help to reduce the demand on the system.

Costs of bringing electricity to your home or business

Distribution infrastructure: Upkeep of TCEC's lines and meters is a large ongoing cost. We work daily to manage this cost through constant monitoring of our system and preventive maintenance. Business operations: Professionals at Tri-County oversee the daily business of our utility, including billing, accounting and customer service. Catastrophic system damage: Natural disasters can be an unpredictable and unavoidable expense. Storms can devastate an electrical system, and repairs can be very costly.


TCEC is subject to state and local laws.

On the federal level, we comply with federal statutes.

TCEC's leaders are active in associations and committees on local, state, and national levels, which allows us to represent our members' interests. If you have any questions regarding your rate or rate categories, please contact our office at 580-652-2418.

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